Cool Pubg Mobile Tips And Tricks To Get Easily Chicken Dinner | Winner Winner Chicken Dinner Tips | How to Crack Game Strategies in Pubg Mobile

By | June 16, 2020

As you know pubg launched mobile version which is the most famous game and liked by most of the peoples. It is downloaded by more than 100 million on playstore. Cool Pubg Mobile Tips And Tricks To Get Easily Chicken Dinner

Before starting pubg game, you have to know couple of settings which will be very useful if you are novice in this game. so lets begin some Cool Pubg Mobile Tips And Tricks To Get Easily Chicken Dinner .

Game Setings in Descriptive Points:

1. Select First Person Mode or Third Person Mode

Pubg Mobile has given ability for all players to choose between first person view or third person view. Before starting the game tap on the game mode which you will see on top of the left side. where you can select that you want to play FPP Mode or TPP Mode.

In third Person Mode you can see 360 degree by tapping on eye icon. and in First Person Mode you san see around 180 degree view only.

2. Graphics Quality Adjust

According to your Mobile you have to select graphics which option you will get below basic settings. Graphics settings will help you to spot enemy easily or it helps in lagging problem or dropping frames problem. If you feel your game is lagging or you cant spot enemies then just set low graphics settings and low frame rates. In Same option you can set gaming view style which is distributed as Classic, Colorful, Realistic and Soft.

3. Turn On Peek And Fire

Go to the Top Right Side in Basic Settings where you will find an option as “Peek and Fire”. This Option will allow you to Take shots without exposing too much of your Character. In this you will expose your head only so stay alert from Enemies Headshots.

4. Adjust Size and Position of your Controls:

For this option go to Settings-> Controls -> Customize . Through this you will able to set buttons anywhere you want and you can change size of every button. For Example i have Set Left fire Button in Small size and Peek Buttons in Right side to Peek and Fire Instantly.

5. Turn on Auto Adjust Graphics Option:

Go to Settings -> Graphics -> Find ” Auto Adjust Graphics Enable or Disable” which will help you to dropping frame rates problem and lagging problem in Poor Internet Connection. While heating your Mobile or Battery low of your mobile , this option will auto adjust graphics according to your mobile situation.

6. Gyroscope for Aiming Down Sights:

If you are using a gyroscope in pubg mobile then you can get easily aiming down ability. During scope on and fire it will help you a lot to aim on enemy. If you are thinking how it works then answer is “it needs practise to move your phone to aim at enemies. To enable Gyroscope just go to Settings -> Basics -> Gyroscope ” Always On , Scope on , Close.

7. Turn Off Background Music :

Go to Settings -> Audio -> Enable/ Disable or Adjust low or high according to your Comfort. As you also know pubg teamed up with mission impossible team so they added mission impossible music in lobby, sometimes background music irritates us so just adjust sound level via this audio option . It will help you to listen your team mates voice properly. In case if you love background music then you dont need to use this audio option.

8. Set/ Change Quick Chat Messages:

To Change Quick Chat Messages just go to inventory and find people icon. You will find there quick chat messages. This is very useful in Duo game or squad game because it helps a lot to send quick messsage to your team mates so that they can help you quickly. or just for fun you can add more unique voices which is available there as Sara VoicE, Victor Voice , Andy Voice or Carlo Voice. These character voice is available in Workshop -> Character -> Audio Voice

9. Mute Irritating or Annoying Teammates:

In most of the cases everyone plays with friends or known persons. But sometimes when we start a game with random team mates then they irritate a lot by saying anything which you dont like during serious gameplay. In this situation you have to just mute team mates voice by tapping on speaker button in top right side near map. There you can manually mute any of your team mates or you can set low voice of your team mates.

10. To Hear enemy Footsteps use Headphone:

Headphone is more comfortable to listen carefully as compare to earphone or any other audio devices. Loud audio in headphone will help you to listen enemy footsteps. Even you will get to know that from which side enemy is coming and on which floor enemy is present so that there you can go directly to kill.

11. Use Energy Drinks and Painkillers

These consumable will help you to auto heal for duration of time. and it will give you a speed boost so use drink and painkillers carefully and just ignore bandages if you have enough drinks in your bag. Cool Pubg Mobile Tips And Tricks To Get Easily Chicken Dinner

12. Heal Like a Pro:

When you are in hurry or falling back to safe zone, start moving when 0.5 seconds of the heal left. or you can just rotate yourself or up and down to heal without damaging yourself by enemy fires.

13. Auto Open Doors:

To enable just go to Settings -> Basics -> Auto open doors -> Enable or Disable . this setting will help you a lot get inside buildings or house without tapping again and again on open button. Note one thing that you have to do tap on close button if you want to close the door.

14. Look Around without Moving:

while enemy rush just take tpp on corners and without moving see around yourself so that it will help you to not give footsteps. then you can do sudden fire and kill your enemy.

15. Play on the Edge:

If you have a higher scope like 4x, 6x or 8x then just play on the edge of play zone. Through this you will not kill yourself by rush of enemy team. Just use scope and by tapping or by sniping kill spotted enemies.Cool Pubg Mobile Tips And Tricks To Get Easily Chicken Dinner

16. Shoot To Kill Completely:

If you have spotted any enemy then only take the shot if enemies kill is guranteed otherwise enemy will revive with the help of team mates and will rush on you.