Delhi NCR’s Air Quality Improves with Light Showers: Real or Artificial Rain?

Delhi NCR’s Air Quality Improves with Light Showers: Real or Artificial Rain?

New Delhi residents were pleasantly surprised on Friday morning when the skies opened up, delivering a much-needed shower to the city. The light rain, which began on Thursday night, proved to be a respite for the region, effectively clearing the air of the toxic pollutants that had enveloped Delhi NCR for several days. The rainfall was visibly widespread, touching various parts of the city, including locations like Kartavya Path and the Delhi-Noida border, where intensities ranged from light to moderate.

This timely rain came as a welcome relief for the Delhi government, which had been grappling with a severe pollution crisis. Faced with deteriorating air quality, the government the option of ‘artificial rain' and decided to implement it on Thursday. The administration took proactive measures, deploying ministers to oversee the execution of anti-pollution initiatives throughout the city.

On Thursday, several ministers were observed conducting inspections in various areas and at city borders, assessing adherence to the Graded Response Action Plan (GRAP). The GRAP, designed as a set of emergency measures to combat air pollution, had escalated to Stage IV in the city due to the air quality index (AQI) surpassing the ‘severe plus' mark.

The GRAP includes stringent measures such as the prohibition of construction , closure of power plants, and restrictions on vehicular movement. The government's decision to explore artificial rain and the deployment of ministers underscored the seriousness with which authorities were addressing the pressing pollution crisis in the region. The subsequent natural rain added a positive note to these efforts, offering a breath of fresh air to the residents of Delhi NCR.

As the city woke up to a clearer and more breathable atmosphere, the impact of these combined efforts was evident. The relief brought by the rain highlighted the delicate balance between nature and human intervention in mitigating environmental challenges, emphasizing the ongoing need for comprehensive measures to ensure the long-term sustainability of air quality in Delhi NCR.

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