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By | June 4, 2018

Affiliate marketing is the most used way to earn extra income if you have your own blog or website. The amazon affiliate program is also known as amazon associates, it allows peoples to earn 4% commission or more on purchase by your special link. which you put on your website or blog. So if are you looking for How to Make Money With Amazon Affiliate Program then here you will get all information regarding this.

How to Make Money With Amazon Affiliate Program:

Here i am going to provide just  13 steps to follow for starting affiliate marketing on your website

1. Pick Your Niche:

In Affiliate marketing you are going to give recommendations and reviews so select your niche according to your interests. e.g. – music for a certain kind of dancing, books about business, bands from your city, left-handed guitarists, arts & crafts resources, authors of a certain religion, etc.

2. Register Your Domain Name:

I will recommend Godaddy for registering your domain name because it is one of the popular and most used for registering domain for website. Godaddy has good domain management tools and there you will get domain for year in less than $10.

3. Choose Your Domain Name:

While choosing your domain name you have to think like how people will find your website or blog to choose affiliate marketing products or how people will find your website in search engines.

4. Set Up Your Web Hosting:

You can buy web hosting for year in less than 10$.  And on same web hosting you can use your various sites and multiple domains to use same hosting provider. Some of them in your search term you will get $4 a month with unlimited domains.

5. Install WordPress:

WordPress is open source so it is east to use and install. It is most powerful yet which is used for making websites. And if you are newbie or don’t know about languages html or css then you can make website easily through WordPress. It provides one step installation process also.

6. Set Up Categories:

Create categories and sub categories for finding everything easy for visitors.

7. Make it Pretty:

If you are using WordPress then it has various templates to use totally different look for your website. Even those templates provide easy and pretty looks to attract visitors.

So if are you looking for How to Make Money With Amazon Affiliate Program then here you will get all information regarding this.

8. Sign up as an Amazon Associate (Affiliate):

It is so simple to use and free, Just visit amazon website and sign up through clicking on the join Associates link which will present at the bottom of the page.

For getting approval on your website, you have to setup your website completely such as add contents to use for visitors, On your website if you have enough content i mean minimum content then you will get surely approval on your website from amazon associate program to use affiliate marketing on amazon.

9. Create Your Amazon Build-A-Link Bookmark and Link:

This thing will make easy to generate your affiliate ID. Login that section and see in the left navigation side bar. Then go to Build A link, and you can find individual items in under static links. These all thing will so easy if you will follow my article step by step. Clink on that and drag this onto your toolbar links or click on favorites menu section.

How to Make Money With Amazon Affiliate Program is completely explained here.

10. Build Your First Link:

Go to amazon website and log in with your id password of associate account of website. Find that product on which you want to write review and for this you have to use the site stripe to get personalized link to that selected item. They also provide variety of other options for creating banners and links.

11. Blog Your Review:

Now you have to click on Blog posting link.But if you are using wordpress, you should see in your posting form for two pieces of link. The first one you will see with ending “Associates Build-A-Link >< /a >”. You can delete through that point. Now if we move on second part, it is link to that product with your amazon associate id. Now finally you have to write reviews on products, make proper categories and sub categories and last one hit on publish button for showing to your visitors.

12. Build Out Your Amazon Affiliate Site:


Before promoting your website you have to put some useful content on your site. Write reviews on several products. You have to make at-least 2 to 3 subcategory in each category.  You have make also some write article on products , and write news, and open commentary on your website to get more visitors.

13. Promote Your Amazon Affiliate Site:

free and best way to use for promoting your amazon affiliate site, you have to do communicate with other bloggers and participate in various online communities which are related to affiliate marketing and there discuss goes on about all of it. See online solutions to use marketing for your affiliate site.


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