How To Upgrade CPU and RAM on any PC | How To Change CPU, Motherboard And RAM Step By Step Guide | Pc Upgrade

By | July 18, 2018

Are you looking for How To Upgrade CPU and RAM on any PC? i would save quite some time on upgrading my CPU. After some research i gone with the Intel Core i7-8700K processor and there are some main reasons for that, it was a clock speed of 3.6-4.6 with good over clock capabilities and 6 cores. Although last time i upgraded my CPU in 2012 so it was right time to do something new and fast as per generations. With all of these I upgraded my ram and motherboard too because it has to be needed with the new CPU.

How To Upgrade CPU and RAM on any PC:

Step by Step Guide:

  • First of all i removed my old cooling units from my motherboard to put new one. Since i am going to use all of these on my new build.
  • After this i proceed to remove the wireless network card and graphic card which was new and best in 2012 only.
  • Now i have unplugged the entire fan, power equipments, SATA and other all connectors on the motherboard. So that it will be easily removed from my computer case.
  • First loose all screws then remove one by one to replace the new one motherboard,
  • When you have done of removing motherboard, then you can remove IO shield on the back, you can done this easily by quick flick of your finger.
  • Finally you will see that you have removed motherboard of your computer, it’s not so easy for normal person, so after this you have to clean everything because may be that has dust on it. You can use vacuum cleaner with nozzle.

To Be Continue:

  • Then put you new IO shield in the case. Do it properly otherwise you will not able to put screws on right place.
  • Then unbox your newly purchased motherboard and my advice is throw manual which is included in motherboard box, because after reading this article you will not need any extra help to change your motherboard.
  • Now place the motherboard exactly on IO shield for mounting screws on exact place.
  • So now we are going to installing the CPU, mount it on right orientation. This will indicate on the left corner of the CPU by arrow.
  • Check that locking mechanism is fine so that CPU is securely fitted on shield.
  • When you are going to attach cooling unit, make sure that you have cleaned because of old thermal residue left on it from the past CPU.
  • Add a small amount of thermal paste in the middle of the CPU.
  • Now put the cooler on top of the CPU and press down to spread the paste properly. You can use screw driver to secure the cooler to the exact position on motherboard.
  • Now connect fan, power, SATA and all wires that you have disconnected while removing the old motherboard.
  • After that mount the wireless network card and GPU.
  • Finally build is done completely.


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