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Computer General Knowledge Questions And Answers

What are the Three Types of Computer Bus? Answer:1) Data Bus2) Control Bus3) Address Bus 2. What does BIOS stand for? Answer: Basic Input/Output System 3. Where is Temporary Data stored in a Computer? Answer: Random Access Memory (RAM) 4. Where is Permanent Data stored in a Computer? Answer: Hard Drive or Solid State Drive (SSD) 5. Who Invented WWW… Read More »

Computer Most Important Questions For Competitive Exams

The following multiple-choice questions are just a Warm-up Questions for you which are as follows: 1. Why would a hacker use a proxy server? A. To create a stronger connection with the target.B. To create a ghost server on the network.C. To obtain a remote access connection.D. To hide malicious activity on the network. Correct Answer – DExplanation… Read More »

100 Computer Previous Year Important Questions | Informatic Assistant | Computer Programmer | UGC NET Questions

S.No. Question Answer 1. Who is the father of Computer science? Charles Babbage 2. In a computer, most processing takes place in _______? CPU 3. In which type of computer, data are represented as discrete signals? Digital Computer 4. Scientific Name of Computer? Sillico sapiens 5. What is the name of the display feature that… Read More »